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Woman with healthy smile

10 Tips for Brighter Smiles and Better Dental Hygiene

Woman with healthy smile

Finding the best ways to keep your teeth white and healthy can allow you to put your best face forward at work, at play, and when meeting new people. Achieving a smile you can be proud of can be easier with a little help from the dental professionals at Premier Dental of Connecticut. Our team of dentists can offer a comprehensive array of dental services designed with the needs of our patients in mind. If you want to show off a beautiful smile, our office in Connecticut is a great place to start your dental health journey.

Brushing Is Fundamental

The first step in keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful is to brush after each meal or sugary snack. The bacteria that naturally exist in your mouth can break down food debris to produce plaque, a whitish substance that sticks to your teeth and gums. Over time, the acids in plaque attack your tooth enamel to cause discoloration, decay, and other issues that affect the teeth and gums. Brushing your teeth the right way every day can help you to prevent these issues and can ensure that your smile is as brilliant as possible.

Know When to Replace Your Toothbrush

You may already know about the three-month rule for replacing your toothbrush. This ensures that the bristles of your toothbrush are always in optimal shape and prevents issues with broken or sharp edges on bristles. You may not know, however, that your toothbrush should be replaced after each time you get sick. The viruses and bacteria that cause illness can hide on your toothbrush and could cause you further sickness if your toothbrush is not replaced immediately.

Floss Between Teeth Every Day

Flossing twice a day can lower the risk of decay caused by plaque and food debris between teeth. Be sure to use a fresh section of floss for every pass to avoid issues with bacterial cross-contamination inside your mouth. Waxed floss works best for most of our patients and reduces the chance of snagging on teeth or causing an injury to your gums.

Invest in Dental Cleanings

Teeth cleaning appointments should be scheduled twice a year to keep your breath fresh and your teeth clean. Cleaner teeth look better and are less likely to develop cavities. Additionally, dental cleanings can lower your chance of developing periodontal disease, which is one of the leading causes for tooth loss in adults. By taking time to schedule your dental cleaning with Premier Dental of Connecticut, you can build the foundation for a lifetime of much brighter smiles.

Keep Scheduled Dental Appointments

Your dentist at Premier Dental of Connecticut will let you know how frequently you should schedule appointments for exams, X-rays, and other dental services. At a minimum, however, you should see our team once a year. These annual appointments can provide you and your family members with early warning about issues that could affect your dental health. Additionally, your dentist will often be able to recommend new treatments that could enhance the beauty of your teeth and can help you enjoy many years of better dental health.

Consider Filling in the Missing Pieces

Dental implants and bridges are among the services we offer for our patients in Connecticut. Premier Dental of Connecticut can provide you with implant options and bridges designed to suit your budget while creating a more beautiful smile. We will help you fill in the gaps in your teeth to deliver the right look for you. Our team is committed to the highest standards of excellence in dentistry and can help you look your best every day.

Stop Tooth Damage Caused by Bruxism

Grinding your teeth at night can cause headaches and damage to your tooth enamel. Premier Dental of Connecticut can provide a customized mouth guard to wear while you sleep. This can create a buffer between your teeth that can reduce the chance of wearing down your tooth enamel and of breaking your teeth. The mouth guards available from our team can help you to keep your teeth strong and healthy for many years to come.

Straighten Your Teeth With the Orthodontic Team at Premier Dental of Connecticut

Modern orthodontics methods can straighten teeth, eliminate smaller gaps between teeth, and help you achieve the best bite possible. Our team can provide you with options that include traditional braces, retainers and modern braces that are nearly invisible. We make it easy for you and your family members to enjoy the most beautiful teeth and the brightest smiles possible now and for a future full of greater confidence.

Address Stained Teeth Right Away

Whitening solutions available from Premier Dental of Connecticut can provide you with noticeably whiter teeth in less time than you may have imagined. We can even provide you with take-home whitening treatments that can help you create the smile you have always wanted on a budget and a schedule that works for you. If you want an effective and affordable solution for whiter teeth, the dental whitening solutions at Premier Dental of Connecticut could be right for you.

Eat Healthy for Brighter Smiles

Avoiding starchy and sugary snacks in favor of fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins is a great starting point for establishing a diet plan that will keep your teeth strong and your smile brilliant. Eating a balanced diet and brushing after snacks and meals can provide you with the nutrition you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smiles beautiful.

At Premier Dental of Connecticut, we offer outstanding dental services to help you show off your smile with pride. Give us a call today at to schedule an appointment with our team in Connecticut. Our dental team is here to help you achieve the brightest smiles and the healthiest teeth and gums now and for a lifetime of better dental health.

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