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Tooth Sensitivity in Connecticut

Are you tired of not being able to enjoy a hot coffee or a cold treat with friends because it makes your teeth hurt? It’s no fun having to wait until your food or drink is room temperature before enjoying it. You should be able to cool off with an icy drink on a hot day, but if you are…

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Taking Care of Your Smile in Connecticut

Did you know that smiling can greatly improve your mental and physical health? Studies show that people who smile are seen to be more confident and approachable than those who don’t. The simple act of smiling can also boost your mental health and your physical well-being. The best way to be sure that you feel confident enough to smile is…

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Affordable Smile Makeover Options in Connecticut

The dentists at Premier Dental of Connecticut can provide you with a complete smile makeover that starts with whiter and brighter teeth and a more beautiful smile. We can provide you with dental whitening treatments in our office or take-home kits that will allow you to show off those pearly whites with pride. We also offer dentures and dental implants to fill in…

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Your First Appointment at Our Connecticut Dental Office

The day has arrived for your very first visit to Premier Dental of Connecticut. We hope you feel at home as soon as you cross our threshold. When you arrive, we will record your vital information in your new patient chart. If you have dental coverage, please bring your insurance information with you so we can copy it. We also need the…

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Welcome to Our Connecticut Dental Office

What should you expect at your first dental visit to Premier Dental of Connecticut? We want to welcome you warmly from the minute you walk through the door. From the reception team at the front desk to the dentist, every member of our practice looks forward to meeting you. You can expect a comfortable, caring atmosphere combined with a professional approach to…

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10 Tips for Brighter Smiles and Better Dental Hygiene

Finding the best ways to keep your teeth white and healthy can allow you to put your best face forward at work, at play, and when meeting new people. Achieving a smile you can be proud of can be easier with a little help from the dental professionals at Premier Dental of Connecticut. Our team of dentists can offer a comprehensive array of…

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Oral Cancer Action Month

Oral Cancer Action Month comes every November. During this time, healthcare experts nationwide raise awareness about oral cancer and how people can protect themselves from it. What Are Mouth Cancers? Mouth cancer, also called oral cancers and oral cavity cancers, typically occur on the lips, tongue and floor of the mouth, though they can also start in the roof of…

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National Dental Hygiene Month Has Arrived

When people talk about their favorite month, October comes up a lot. Some people like it because of Halloween. Others like it for all of the pumpkin-flavored treats that companies start releasing to celebrate the harvest season. There are even individuals who like it because of the cool weather and the leaves changing color. Did you know that dentists and…

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Gum Care Awareness Month

September – Gum Awareness Month Get involved in this little-known celebration month by visiting your dentist to ensure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible! Although many people are unaware of the fact, healthy gums are inextricably linked to their good physical health, and poor gum health has been linked to serious physical diseases such as diabetes…

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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

If you accidentally slip down the stairs one morning and sprain your ankle, you know you need to get yourself to the emergency room. But what if you’ve been absently chewing some ice at the bottom of your drink and you break a tooth? Will you go to the emergency room for that? Will you simply ignore it? Or will…

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