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What Are Dentures And Why Do I Need Them?

Your teeth play a vital role in your speech and your appearance. They also provide structural stability for your jaw. When you have missing or diseased teeth, your self-confidence may fade and you’ll smile much less. When properly cared for, dentures can last for a very long time, so they’re an excellent investment in your overall health.

What Types Are Available?

Dentures are available in many types with additional options for each type. Your dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your oral health and discuss your needs and preferences. He or she will then make a recommendation as to the best type of affordable quality dentures for your situation.

What Is a Full Denture?

A full set of dentures will replace all the teeth in your upper jaw, your lower jaw, or in both jaws. A removable full denture will be seated on your gums and will need to be removed and cleaned each night. A fixed full denture will be affixed to your dental implants.

What Is a Partial Denture?

If you’re missing only a few teeth, a partial denture might be the best for you. A partial lets you keep your healthy teeth and is similar to a bridge. The difference between a partial and a bridge is that the bridge is a permanent installation but the partial must be removed and cleaned each night. It attaches to dental implants in order to keep it secure while you’re wearing it.

What Is a Flexible Partial?

A traditional partial is constructed of rigid material and has metal clasps. A flexible partial and its clasps are constructed of a flexible material that bends when you move your mouth. Both the partial and the clasps are gum colored so they are more closely the color of your natural teeth. Many wearers find the flexible partial to be more comfortable.

Do I Need an Implant-Supported Denture?

An implant-supported denture is secured by dental implants and is usually installed only in the lower jaw, which requires more structural stability than the upper jaw. It’s anchored to dental implants but needs to be removed and cleaned nightly.

What Are All-on-Four Dentures?

This option enables you to have a full set of artificial teeth that most closely imitates natural teeth. They are permanently attached to dental implants, they offer the convenience of a fixed denture, and they provide additional biting power.

What Steps Are Included When Getting Dentures?

The process for getting new dentures in Fairfield involves several steps and will vary by the individual. Factors that will affect the process include the type of denture you select, the condition of your oral health, and the amount of prep work that will need to be done.

Usually, your dentist will take measurements and impressions first so that your new affordable quality dentures are an accurate replication of your natural bite. Then, any necessary extractions will be performed, dental implants will be installed and you’ll be provided with a temporary denture. When your gums are completely healed, your new dentures will be placed and fitted for comfort and function.

How Much Do Dentures Cost on Average?

The cost of your new dentures will depend on the type of procedure you have chosen, the cost of the materials required to make your new denture set, and the amount of prep work that needs to be done. Call us today and we can answer any questions you have about getting new dentures in Fairfield.

Soft Denture Reline: An Overview

A traditional denture is usually made from a hard acrylic substance that some wearers find uncomfortable. A soft reline uses a pliable material to reline the dentures. This usually eliminates the sore spots and pain that some denture wearers experience.

If you’re ready for new dentures, call our office today and let us schedule an appointment for you. Let us help you restore your self-confidence and your beautiful smile.

Soft-Lined Dentures

Soft-lined dentures help our Fairfield patients achieve a new level of comfort. They also help improve the health of your gum tissue by absorbing pressure caused by chewing. With the same great benefits of standard hard-lined dentures, soft-lined dentures have helped many patients at our Fairfield office perform everyday activities with increased comfort and confidence. These patients have found that soft dentures leave them free to enjoy their lives without the hassle and inconvenience of denture pain.

At Fairfield we fashion top-quality, finely crafted and custom-fitted dentures. Our goal is to provide you with the most comfortable and cosmetically pleasing result possible so you can smile with confidence once again.

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Excellent Service, top notch employees, would recommend to anyone!
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