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What is a Kids’ Dentist?

A dentist for kids is also called a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists have two or three additional years of training in treating children and putting them at ease. However, general dentists also treat children. Our office has both general and pediatric dentists to meet the needs of children of all ages. If you’ve been asking, “Where can I find a good children’s dentist near me?”, please call us and schedule an appointment with one of our gentle dentists who enjoys helping children have healthy, strong teeth.

When Should My Kid See a Children’s Dentist for the First Time?

Bring your child in when they reach age one. Your child should have at least one tooth by this time, and decay only needs one tooth to begin. Babies are not frightened by dental visits, but a two- or three-year-old might be. The dentist can explain how to keep your young child from getting cavities, such as never putting them to bed with a bottle of formula or juice. By age two or three, they could already have a cavity and this does not make a pleasant first visit for most children.

What Happens at My Child’s First Dental Appointment?

You’ll hold your child in your lap while one of our dentists looks at their teeth and gums. You’ll learn how to brush your child’s teeth until they can do it by themselves and your dentist will encourage questions. We will make the experience pleasant for your child so when they’re older, they won’t fear dental exams. Our friendly dental team strives to make dentistry for children a fun experience.

Which Services Are Considered Dentistry for Kids?

We offer a wide range of preventative and restorative services to preserve your child’s dental health, including:

  • Teeth Cleaning for Children: When your child is old enough to sit still for the procedure, our dentist will recommend a teeth cleaning with our dental hygienist.
  • Fluoride: A fluoride varnish strengthens tooth enamel and helps reduce cavities. Your children’s dentist will use a small brush to apply the fluoride; it is safe and will not cause your child any pain.
  • Dental Sealants: Your children’s dentist may suggest dental sealants for your child’s molars. Molars have pits and grooves on the chewing surface which many children find hard to keep clean. The sealant acts as a barrier and it makes the surface smooth and easy to keep clean.
  • Dental Bonding: We can repair chips and small cracks with dental bonding.
  • Fillings: Fillings are the most common restorative kids’ dental care treatment. Our dentist can fill your child’s tooth, after removing the decay, with a metal or white composite filling. This restores the tooth’s shape and function.
  • Baby Root Canal: If decay reaches the pulp inside your child’s tooth, he or she will find it very painful. We can usually save the tooth with a root canal and stop the pain.
  • Pediatric Crowns: If a tooth has too much decay for a filling or we had to perform a root canal on a baby tooth, our dentist will cap it with a stainless steel crown. The crown will protect the baby tooth until it falls out naturally.
  • Mouthguards: One of our dentists can fit your child with a custom mouthguard which will protect their teeth, tongue, jaw and lips from sports or recreational activity-related injuries.

When Do Baby Teeth First Appear?

Baby teeth begin emerging between six months and one year and your child should have all 20 baby teeth by the time they are three years old. Teething does not bother some babies, but most have tender gums. You may notice they want to suck on things more and they may not want to eat as much as normal.

When Do Adult Teeth Emerge?

Permanent teeth typically start emerging at around age six. Your child will begin losing baby teeth in the front of their mouth first; adult molars don’t come in until ages nine to 12. Lower adult teeth appear before upper teeth and girls get their permanent teeth earlier than boys. By age 13, most children have all of their adult teeth except for their wisdom teeth.

What Should I Do If My Child Has a Toothache?

If your child is old enough, try to get him or her to tell you about the symptoms, such as if it only hurts when they chew. Look for any obvious problems, such as a crack or a dark spot which can indicate decay. Decay is the most likely culprit. Call our office to schedule an appointment and one of our dentists will diagnose the problem and treat your child so his or her pain will stop. If your child is old enough to spit, have them rinse their mouth with warm salt water to ease the pain until you can bring him or her in.

If you’ve been searching for a gentle children’s dentist in Danbury, contact us to schedule an appointment for your child.

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