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What Are Dental Root Canals?

Although your teeth are hard on the outside, the inside is very soft and is comprised of nerves and blood vessels that supply nutrients to the cells. If the tooth becomes damaged due to decay, infection, or trauma, then the inside can be exposed and you’ll be in a considerable amount of pain. If you find that you have a tooth that’s causing you lots of pain, call our Fairfield office to schedule a consultation with a root canal dentist.

How Will I Know If I Need Root Canal Therapy?

During your initial consultation in our office, your dentist will advise if a root canal is the best option for your tooth pain. At this time, the dentist will also go over your root canal options. If you think you are in need of a root canal, you may be experiencing some of the following symptoms.

  • Discolored teeth, especially if they’re painful
  • One or more deep cavities
  • Moderate to excruciating pain from a tooth
  • Nighttime pain that interrupts your sleep
  • Painful chewing
  • Inflammation or swelling in the area of a particular tooth
  • Sensitivity to temperature

If you experience any or all of these, then make an appointment in our Fairfield office. Sometimes, a dental root canal is the only way to save a tooth, so don’t procrastinate in seeking treatment.

Do All Dentists Perform Root Canals?

Most general dentists can perform standard root canals. If you have a complicated case or need multiple root canals, then we may refer you to a specialist who’s called an endodontist. However, most routine procedures can be done in our office, so if you need a dental root canal treatment or you think you might, then call our Fairfield office to schedule an appointment.

What’s the Root Canal Procedure?

When our patients come to our office for standard root canals, we follow this general procedure:

  1. The dentist will numb the local area of the tooth and anesthetize it.
  2. The dentist will place a temporary shield around the tooth so that the area is isolated.
  3. The dentist will then drill a small hole in the top of the crown to access the damaged area.
  4. The dentist will remove the damaged pulp, clean the area, and then shape the canals. This protects the tooth and prepares the canals to be filled.
  5. We’ll rinse the canals and disinfect them.
  6. We’ll fill the canals with gutta-percha and then seal them.
  7. The dentist will install a root canal crown to protect the tooth from decay or damage.

Generally, this is the procedure we follow, although there may be minor deviations to accommodate each patient’s unique needs. There shouldn’t be residual pain and any minor discomfort should abate within a day or two. At the end of the healing time, you will be back to chewing and speaking pain-free and your dental health will have improved considerably. If you need this procedure, call our Fairfield office to schedule a consultation.

What’s the Cost for a Root Canal Procedure?

Your root canal cost will be unique to you, but it will be influenced by:

  • The amount, type, and location of the teeth involved
  • The entire scope of work involved
  • Whether you need a specialist
  • Your insurance benefits

During your initial consultation, we’ll provide you with an estimate of the work you will need and the costs that you will incur. If you need endodontic procedures but can’t afford them, then let us know because we may be able to provide financing or payment option options. Don’t forego needed dental treatment because of finances, your oral health is vital to your physical health.

Is There More Than One Type of Root Canal?

Usually, our patients require standard root canals unless they’re having a previous procedure redone. In that case, they may require an apicoectomy or a pediatric pulpotomy. An apicoectomy means the dentist removes the tip of the root. Pediatric pulpotomies are the process of removing damaged pulp, but leaving the nerves of the tooth. Your dentist will advise you of the type of procedure you need during your first appointment in our Fairfield office.

Will There Be Tooth Pain After a Root Canal?

Although many people fear root canals because of the perception of excruciating pain, that’s an inaccurate perception. Throughout your procedure, we’ll do our best to make you as comfortable as possible. We’ll numb the area at the start of the procedure and we’ll monitor your comfort level periodically, so you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of by our dental professionals.

Good oral health is vital to good physical health, so if you have an infected tooth, it can adversely impact your entire body. Don’t forego needed root canals because of the perception of pain. If you’re experiencing pain in or around one or more teeth, call Premier Dental of Connecticut in Fairfield at (203) 745-2082 and schedule an appointment for a root canal in Fairfield. We have an excellent reputation within the local community and we do our utmost to maintain it. This means we strive to provide high-quality dental treatment to each patient that enters our office. Call us today and start living your life free of dental pain. We look forward to working with you as your dental partner to help you regain your good oral health.

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