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Your smile can dramatically affect your self-confidence. If a missing tooth or unsightly yellow stains are keeping your smile from looking its best, cosmetic dentistry can give you the radiant, gleaming grin that you’ve always desired.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Make a Difference?

A traditional dental provider focuses on preventing and treating diseases of your gums and teeth. Your cosmetic dentist performs a variety of procedures that correct aesthetic flaws and make your smile more attractive and natural-looking. Today’s dentists use innovative methods that preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible; this ensures that cosmetic restorations are as durable as they are beautiful.

Discover Our Range of Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Many cosmetic dentistry procedures only address problems that affect the appearance of your smile, but some also restore lost function. Whether you’re seeking a simple whitening procedure or surgical implants to restore your smile, our professional cosmetic dental providers have the tools and expertise to meet your needs. Below is a list of the many cosmetic services that we offer.

Why Won’t My Insurance Pay for Cosmetic Dentistry?

As most cosmetic procedures aren’t necessary for keeping your teeth intact or healthy, the majority of dental plans don’t cover their cost. However, there are exceptions for procedures that also restore tooth function. To learn more, contact your insurance provider, or ask your dentist if your procedure is fully or partially covered. Some companies offer cosmetic dental insurance plans or discount programs. Contact our cosmetic dental office for more information.

Where Do I Find Professional Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me?

If you’re looking for great cosmetic dentistry in Farmington Valley, let us help. When you call our office, our staff can connect you with a skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist who can suggest the best ways to improve your smile through the latest professional cosmetic procedures and treatments. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about treatment outcomes, anesthesia options, recovery and more. Before your treatment begins, we’ll make sure that you understand the process completely so that you’ll know what to expect. Schedule your consultation today to get started.

I’ve Heard That the Cosmetic Dentistry Cost Is High. Can I Afford It?

Don’t worry, affordable cosmetic dentistry is not out of your reach. Our cosmetic dental office can help you find the best path to accomplishing your aesthetic dental goals without putting undue strain on your household budget. Every patient’s cost is different, so we’ll need to see you in person before we can give you an accurate estimate. After we’ve examined your teeth, discussed your goals and determined what types of treatments will work best for you, we’ll help you find the best financial solution. A stunning new smile and soaring self-confidence is just around the corner, so don’t wait another day to get started. Contact our office to set up your cosmetic dental consultation today.

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